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Honest Finance
For Doctors

BFD Finance has been established on the goodwill that has been fostered via the Business for Doctors group.


The organisation provides a support network for likeminded professionals to access finance broking services that uphold the values of BFD.



BFD Finance will provide professional financial services with transparency and integrity for health professionals by engaging lending organisations that reflect the values and ethics of the BFD group.



We commit to:

Providing accurate, independent and objective information.


Educating and providing advice that will be to the benefit of the health professionals.


Sourcing a network of trusted companies to engage with our clients.


Supporting a professional community with respect and inclusivity.


Recognising ethical and environmental responsibility.



The mission of BFD Finance is to simplify the complexities of finance allowing health professionals to achieve their personal and business goals.


Our team will advocate for our clients to source the best solutions available in the market.

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